Architecture model

Published: 2023

/ Student Work

Project 4: Redo

Using architect Ryue Nishizawa’s Moriyama House as a precedent, 1130 Rhodes Street is programmed as a home and Airbnb. The home’s objective is to give the owner, their guest(s), and the passing public curated moments of interaction contrasted with moments of privacy. This is achieved through the fluidity of the exterior walls as they move from the street side to the alley. As a result, this move produces shared courtyard spaces for entertainment and dialogue as well as moments where the building begins to feel like two. This separation removes the sense of connectivity and provides intimacy for each of the home’s occupants. The ability for the public to sit on the exterior facade creates a space for conversation and congestion, while interior window seating provides solitude for the resident. Finally, the placement of the entrances, despite facing each other, varies depending on the occupant. The Airbnb entrance is open to the street and identifiable to whoever is staying, while the owner’s entrance is somewhat concealed and withdrawn. These form and programmatic decisions produce varying public vs. private moments depending on one’s relationship to the home, a theme evident in Moriyama as well.


Taylor Rhodes


Salam Rida