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Published: 2023

/ Student Work

Resurrection of the Bygone

Istanbul is a Heritage city; from the famous Hagia Sophia to the Kirkcesme water system, it encompasses about 2500 years of historical significance. With the city’s contemporary sphere affected by water scarcity issues, it is crucial to interrogate the capacities of this heritage. Climate change does not discriminate heritage structures from others and poses the following questions: What is the contribution of these historical sites to the issues of climate change? Can historical water networks be critically conserved in a manner that brings about new forms of functionality?

Considering water challenges across various transects of the city, the proposal challenges the role of heritage sites and their contexts in collecting, filtering, storing, distributing, interacting, and awareness about water. Performative and restorative landscapes additionally create surface and subterranean relationships by providing connectivity to the visible and the invisible, tangible and the intangible.


Shreya Nambiar & Tejas Saiyya


El Hadi Jazairy