Balcony view render of architecture project

Published: 2023

/ Student Work


In architecture, we can distinguish a bedroom from a living room, a living room from a dining room, and a dining room from an office. We define a room as a space that has one singular purpose. Where a bedroom is a bedroom, an office is an office, and a dining room is a dining room. What if these spaces become less clear and each room has various purposes? In a single-family residence, this is how we define a space. But if we abstract this issue and view the land with a co-living platform, we can look at a new building dichotomy that addresses the problems of usable space. In Los Angeles, the issue of affordability has always been a politicized issue that has affected redevelopment within the city. With new laws, however, we can see single-family zone houses become multiple dwellings by creating a lot split (SB9). If we radicalize this idea by using the platform of semi-co living, we can see a new building type that radicalizes the industry’s norms. Where we once read a home as a single entity, by using unconventional building technics, we can envision a new building type that illustrates affordability and collaboration.


Aaron Damavandi


John McMorrough