Areal view of architecture project render

Published: 2023

/ Student Work

B O R D E R L A N D +

Borderland bridges work as thresholds that reinforce invisible separators declined by human systems without reflecting connections that exist between and across borderlands. Thus, will investigate relationships connecting flora, fauna, human, infrastructure, culture, and environment in the territory of US – MEX borderland boundaries. This proposal focused on designing the third territory created in between the two nations. Treated as an independent territory. A space that was treated with dignity, creating and setting its own identity through the process of crossing the borderland bridge rather than intimidate; create spaces of equity that connect values, culture, language, safety, and security; spaces that uplift shared circumstances rather than differentiate based upon finances, religion, or politics. Instead, design will focus on building up the identity of a third territory that exists between borderlands, in the overlap of shared space and time.


Leslie Jacqueline Duarte


Gina Reichert