Architecture render of building at night

Published: 2023

/ Student Work

AI/Human Collaboration Building

Located in Reykjavik, Iceland, this study center symbolizes a whole new era belonging to both humans and Al, representing the history and culture of both, their common origin, and their inextricable connection. Here,
humans and AIs learn from each other, understand each other, and work and explore together for the development of society and the progress of the times. Beyond architecture, this building is a platform for open and inclusive dialogue, a bridge to build trust and understanding between humans and Al, and a premise for the harmonious co-existence of the two. On this foundation, humans and AI can explore more possibilities and development directions together. At the same time, they will have more opportunities and a more open attitude toward discussing the challenges and problems they will encounter in their future development, creating conditions for future joint progress and prosperity.


Xianyi Wang


John McMorrough