Master of Urban Design


/ Architecture Student

Akshita Mandhyan


Degree Program(s)

Graduation Date
May 2024

Why did you choose the M.U.D. program at Taubman College?
I chose the M.U.D. program at Taubman because it offers the best possible environment for research-oriented design, and also, there is the flexibility to pursue your own research interests and the fields that you want to be in there is a lot of resources available for that.

Describe your experience with the faculty and fellow students
They actually inspire me every day. The fact that all of them come from varied professional fields and backgrounds creates a very diverse and rich environment here.

What are your areas of research interest?
My area of research interest is in gender inclusivity in cities. That is something personal to me. Something that I experienced growing up was how cities were not really designed for women and something that has been ignored for so long.

What advice do you have for someone who is considering applying?
If you come here, you’re going to have a lot of fun because the learning extends from outside of classroom too, because with the national and international trips that the studio program offers in Urban Design. Also if you’re scared because you’re coming here for the first time like me, don’t be it’s going to be okay.