Portrait of Hanae Soma

Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Planning


/ PhD Student

Hanae Soma

Hanae is a doctoral student in Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Michigan. Her research looks at informal urbanism at the intersection of gender, space, and place. She is interested in understanding social impacts of urban development in the urban Global South. Hanae was born in Japan and grew up in Ghana, Bangladesh, and the UK.

Hanae’s recent research project aimed to uncover the assemblages of informal housing. Drawing on experiences in informal settlements of Dhaka, Bangladesh, the research explored aspects of morphogenesis, materiality, process, and socio-political environment entailed in the construction and modification of housing.

Hanae holds an M.A. in Urban Design and Planning from the University of Sheffield with Distinction where she was also awarded the ADH Crook Prize for Contributions Towards Social Justice in Planning.