Bachelor of Science in Urban Technology


/ Urban Technology Student

Noah Young

Hometown / Home Country
New York City

Current City / Current Country
London, UK

Why did you choose Taubman College’s new program in Urban Technology?
I chose Urban Technology at Taubman because I believe that the topics that we will focus on in the program will be instrumental to the future of cities. Throughout the past couple of years more and more thought has been given to the design of cities and I believe that this trend will continue, especially with recent events including Covid-19. I want to be a part of the emerging transitions and hopefully have a positive effect on an urban area one day. I thought that a new program was also perfect for me as I will enjoy being a pioneer and hopefully helping construct a program that can be a big part of Taubman College and the University of Michigan in the future.

What excites you about urban technology as a field?
What excites me most about urban technology as a field is how it can mean something different to everyone. I imagine the development and application of urban technology being a crucial part of city planning in the future. Each innovator will add a unique perspective and approach as to how it is incorporated which will make it very exciting to see the final result.

What is your favorite city and why?
Although there are many amazing cities in the world, one of my favorites is Singapore. I think the incorporation of nature in their buildings and open spaces is unmatched by any other city. The use of technology is also outstanding, making their citizens feel safe and allowing for easy and efficient transport around the island.

What are you most looking forward to at Michigan?
I am most looking forward to the limitless amount of class options and clubs that Michigan has to offer. I plan to take full advantage of the large community!