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Master of Architecture


/ Recent Taubman Graduate

Prathamesh Patil

From the moment I came here, Ann Arbor has been a friendly and welcoming community, which has made it easier for an international student like me to feel at home and integrate into the local community.

Dhule, Maharashtra India

Degree Program(s)
M.Arch 2G

Expected Graduation Date

Academic Areas of Interest
Architecture, Urban Planning and Design, Interior Design

Hobbies or interests outside of academia
Hiking, Backpacking and playing Badminton

Why did you choose Taubman College as the right program for you?
I chose Taubman college to pursue my graduate degree due to its strong reputation, world-class faculty, and cutting-edge research opportunities. The college offers a range of graduate programs in architecture, urban planning, and real estate development, thus providing me with various opportunities to explore my areas of interest. Taubman College also has a strong network of alumni and partnerships with reputed firms, providing students with valuable career opportunities.

What is special or excites you about the Taubman community?
As a part of the Taubman community, I am excited about the diverse range of students and faculty from different backgrounds and areas of expertise. The college fosters a collaborative and inclusive environment that encourages the exchange of ideas and perspectives. The location in Ann Arbor provides access to a vibrant cultural community and opportunities for professional growth. I am also impressed by the commitment to excellence and innovative approach to design that is evident in the programs and initiatives at Taubman College. Being a part of this community has been a fulfilling and enriching experience for me.

If applicable, tell us about studio culture – what is inspiring or innovative or unique?
The studio culture at Taubman is characterized by its focus on creativity, collaboration, and hands-on design experience. It is innovative in the sense that it encourages experimentation and risk-taking, fostering a dynamic and ever-evolving design process. Additionally, the integration of technology and digital tools into the design process has created a more dynamic and innovative studio culture, allowing for more sophisticated and complex designs to be developed. Overall, the studio culture at Taubman College provides an atmosphere that is both challenging and rewarding, promoting growth and innovation in the field of architecture.

Describe your experience with faculty and professional staff during your time at Taubman?
My experiences with Taubman’s faculty and professional staff have been nothing short of amazing. My first semester ‘Institutions’ studio with Julia McMorrough was truly awe-inspiring. Her experience in disability studies helped me view in my designs through various different lenses, in great detail. Additionally, there’s a great deal of belief and trust that every faculty and staff member brings provides me with, not only in my work, but also in my role here as a student.

How has Taubman’s career and professional development support prepared you for a successful career in your chosen field?
Currently, in my second semester, I haven’t gotten the opportunity to properly utilize the career and professional development tools offered by Taubman College. However, with the Winter career fair coming up, I am excited to experience the in-person and virtual events. I’m also eager to explore the resume and portfolio-building opportunities that are offered.

What benefits have you experienced being part of the University of Michigan?
As an international student at the University of Michigan, I have access to a wide range of resources and support services, including language classes, immigration services, and cultural events. I have the opportunity to receive a high-quality education from a world-renowned faculty and participate in cutting-edge research projects. The university’s diverse and inclusive community allows me to broaden my horizons and gain a well-rounded education. Being a part of the University of Michigan community has greatly enhanced my academic and personal growth.

What do you like most about being part of the Ann Arbor community?
From the moment I came here, Ann Arbor has been a friendly and welcoming community, which has made it easier for an international student like me to feel at home and integrate into the local community. The diverse and inclusive community has made it possible for me to experience a wide range of cultural events and activities, and allowed me to broaden my horizons and connect with people from different backgrounds.

What advice would you give prospective students as they consider Taubman College?
As someone who has experienced Taubman College, I would advise prospective students to thoroughly research the college and its programs to ensure that it aligns with their interests and career goals. I also suggest reaching out to current students and alumni to gain their perspectives on the college. It’s important to consider the location, resources, and support services available to students. Lastly, I encourage prospective students to visit the campus and attend events to get a sense of the college’s community and culture. With careful consideration and research, Taubman College can provide a rich and fulfilling experience for students.

What are your plans after graduation?
I want to work as an architect in a smaller firm when I graduate to gain experience in the actual design process of architecture. Later, I would consider returning to India to start my own architectural design firm specializing in residential and commercial sustainable design work.

Additional advice or thoughts you’d like to share with prospective students?
Always motivate yourself to work and learn more because there’s a huge community around that will support you in this endeavor.