Master of Architecture / Master of Science Digital and Material Technologies

Program Overview

The M.Arch/M.S.D.M.T. Dual Degree combines the two-year/60 credit hour (4 terms) M.Arch professional degree with the three semester /36 credit hour (3 terms) M.S.D.M.T. post-professional degree. The resulting 6-term/81 credit hour program of study, includes up to 16 double counted credit hours. Graduates with the dual degree are highly qualified professionals who pursue careers in academia, at a wide range of private and public agencies and in non-profit organizations.

Course of Study

Given the location of the courses within the calendar, in particular with the M.S. program falling within a summer, and both Thesis and Capstone sharing a location in the Winter term, it is possible for a student to acquire a dual degree over the course of 6 semesters; 2 years of a fall and winter with a summer term in the middle, and one additional fall semester.  To finish within this timeframe students would need to focus on the M.S. work in the middle of the M.Arch sequence. M.S. Capstone would replace the student taking Thesis, and the student would return to the M.Arch program to take Systems after having completed the M.S. concentration.

Degree Requirements

The dual M.Arch/M.S.D.M.T. degree requires the completion of a minimum of 81 credit hours.

Students may apply for admission to both the M.Arch and M.S.D.M.T. programs simultaneously, or apply to the M.S.D.M.T. program while in residence during the first year of the M.Arch.

Specifically, a student must complete:

  • A minimum of 45 credit hours of required and core Arch courses: 18 credits of the studio sequence (ARCH 552, ARCH 562, ARCH 672) and 18 credit hours of required architecture courses (ARCH 515: Sustainable Systems, ARCH 516: Architectural Representation, ARCH 527- Integrative Systems I, ARCH 528: Integrative Systems II, ARCH 537: Fabrication, ARCH 572: Architectural Theory and Criticism, ARCH 583:Professional Practice)
  • A minimum of 9 credit hours in 500/600 elective Architecture courses
  • A minimum of 36 MS-DMT: 18 credits of the following courses ARCH 700: MS Practicum, ARCH 714: MS Proseminar, ARCH 701: Theories in Digital Technologies, ARCH 739: MS Capstone Studio, Three of the four listed engagement courses (9 credit hours): ARCH 702: Robotic Engagement, ARCH 703: Virtual Engagement, ARCH 707: Systems Engagement, ARCH 708: Virtual Engagement.
  • Three credit hours of electives, architecture 500/600 elective courses and six credits of architecture 500/600 elective courses or cognate courses.

Up to 16 credit hours may be double-counted toward the two degrees and students must earn a cumulative GPA of “B” in each unit. Below are the specific courses that are double counted:

ARCH 701 Theories in Digital Technologies (3 credits)
ARCH 70x or Elective 1 of the 4 ARCH 70x or elective (3 credits)
ARCH 739 M.S. Capstone Studio (6 credits)

Sample Course Sequence

The following sequence presents a sample or representative array of courses that would satisfy the dual degree program of study. Applicants interested in undertaking the dual degree program of study should confer with the chair and director of the M.Arch and M.S. program degrees to discuss course options. Once enrolled in the dual degree program of study, the student is responsible for ensuring that all degree requirements have been met and should confer with academic advisors regularly during his/her studies accordingly.

View the M.Arch/M.S.D.M.T. Dual Degree course sequence (PDF)

Year 1 Graduate Study

Fall Term Credit Hours
ARCH 552 Arch Design (Institutions) 6
ARCH 516 or 537 Representation/Fabrications 3
ARCH 515 Sustainable Systems 3
ARCH 527 Integrative Systems 1.5
Elective   3
Total   16.5
Winter Term Credit Hours
ARCH 562 Arch Design (Collectives) 6
ARCH 516 or 537 Representation/Fabrications 3
ARCH 572 Architecture Theory & Criticism 3
ARCH 528 Integrative Systems II 1.5
Elective   3
Total   16.5
Summer Term Credit Hours
ARCH 700 MS Practicum 6
ARCH 714 MS Proseminar 3
Total   9

Year 2 Graduate Study

Fall Term Credit Hours
ARCH 701 Theories in Digital Technologies 3
(Three of the next 4 plus an elective, or all 4)
ARCH 702 Robotic Engagement 3
ARCH 703 Virtual Engagement 3
ARCH 707 Material Engagement 3
ARCH 708 Systems Engagement 3
Total   15
Winter Term Credit Hours
ARCH 739 MS Capstone Studio 6
Elective/Cognate   3
Elective Cognate   3
Total   12

Year 3 Graduate Study

Fall Term Credit Hours
ARCH 672 Arch Design (Propositions) 6
ARCH 583 Professional Practice 3
Elective   3
Total   15

Admission Requirements

Students must file separate applications to be admitted by both programs. An application fee must accompany each application. Each program will apply its own standards in making admission decisions. Applicants may apply to both the M.Arch and M.S. programs simultaneously, or they may apply first to the MArch program and then, if admitted, apply to the M.S. program during their first year of M.Arch graduate study.

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