Taubman alums place in “One Good Chair” design competition

Melding aesthetic with green sensibilities, three Taubman College alums placed as semifinalists this fall in the “One Good Chair” international design competition. The focus was to create a lounge chair that optimized design, fabrication and shipping – constructing forms that “create little waste but lots of taste.”

Christie Lee’s (M.Arch ’09) Rocking ply-Stool was chosen for its use of recycled plywood, which was crafted digitally into a smooth, amorphous shape. The seemingly solid chair is actually hollow to reduce material use, and the curve of the seat conforms to various body types.

Ryan Horsman (M.Arch ’09) and Jason Dembski (M.Arch ’09) designed a Chopstick/Steamer Stool, which is constructed out of Chinese dumpling steamer boxes, thousands of chopsticks and an old rickshaw seat. The surprisingly comfortable chair can be made without spending a single yuan.

Entries were submitted in May 2009, and a judging and awards ceremony took place Sept. 14-17. For information, click here.