Assistant Professor Andrew Herscher to speak at Harvard conference, "The Body in History/The Body in Space," March 24-26

Assistant Professor Andrew Andrew Herscher will speak at Harvard University conference, “The Body in History/The Body in Space,” on March 24-26. 2011, in Cambridge, MA. He will participate in a panel discussion on “Performing Bodies and Spatial Politics” March 25, 2011. The event is part of the Cambridge Talks series. Cambridge Talks is an annual spring conference sponsored by the Ph.D. Program in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urban Planning at Harvard University. Cambridge Talks is dedicated to the exploration of interdisciplinary topics that engage issues of space.

In fields like architectural history, geography, and urban studies, the presence of the body is taken for granted and its history rarely emerges as a critical contribution to the history of space. “The Body in History/The Body in Space” Conference aims to question such a facile body-space relationship by positing that the history of the body must also be a history of the body in space, and that the history of spatial practices must involve a history of the body.