Advanced Prototyping: Sir David Adjaye Co-Taught Studio with Catie Newell on the Creation of "Silence"

Sir David Adjaye co-taught with Associate Professor Catie Newell a course on advanced material, fabrication, and computation skills in the production of wall and façade-system prototypes in search of “Silence.”

Available to Master of Architecture and Master of Science Design and Material Technologies students, the Advanced Prototyping ARCH 709 course centered on material investigations, methods of construction, and design exploration. Students produced scaled prototypes and full-scale mock-ups launched from specific design constraints and prompts.

Prompted by the lack of “silence” in a world, the students were tasked with creating a space that was devoid of audible and visual distractions. They created layered, protected, thickened screens, defensive and diffusive exteriors to draw you in, with hushed, calmed and darkened interiors for respite. The students worked iteratively between fabrication and spatial designs, all driven by the performance and realities discovered in the creation of prototypes.

Faculty: Catie Newell ,