Wineman Honored by Environmental Design Research Association

Jean Wineman, a professor emeritus of architecture, is the 2019 recipient of the Career Award from The Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA) in recognition of her longtime commitment to teaching and researching in the field.

Wineman has been a member of EDRA for 40 years and has made significant contributions to environmental design research. She studies the relationships between the built environment and human behavior in spaces such as zoos, museums, and urban areas. She is a principal investigator of the project Spatial and Social Networks in Organizational Innovation, funded by the National Science Foundation, and a co-principal investigator of Healthy Environments Partnership: Lean & Green in Motown.

EDRA is a coalition of teachers, researchers, students, and nonprofits whose work focuses on environmental design. The organization circulates and promotes research, teaching, and practice focusing on the complex relationships between people and the natural and built environments.

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