Danielle Wallick, MURP/MPP, ’23, Named Copeland Fellow

Danielle Wallick, MURP/MPP, ’23, has been named a Copeland Fellow by the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy. The fellowship, established by the Copeland family in fall 2021 in memory of Rebecca Copeland (MPP/MPH ’21), recognizes students for their commitment to public service and focus on promoting health equity. Copeland was an exceptional person and graduate of the University of Michigan who was on the verge of beginning a career of tremendous impact in health policy.

Wallick is dedicated to building an understanding of affordable housing as a social determinant of health. “We know that zip code can have a significant impact on future outcomes,” she said. “Low-income families and children of color are disproportionately likely to live in lower-opportunity neighborhoods, negatively impacting economic and health outcomes.”

Wallick intends to build a career supporting comprehensive housing policy that “places all neighborhoods on an equitable playing field and gives all residents a chance at economic mobility and the fulfilling and healthy life they desire.”

Wallick said, “I was truly honored to be named one of the inaugural Rebecca Copeland fellows. I took a class with Rebecca last winter about community development and economic mobility in the deep south, and I was inspired by her. Her passion and dedication, among other MPPs in the class, are a major reason I committed to a dual degree with Ford.”