2023 Student Show and Willeke Prize Winners Announced

On April 13, 2023, several Taubman College students were recognized with Student Show and Willeke Prize awards.

A team of Taubman College faculty and alumni selected winners from the 2023 Architecture Student Show. The awardees represent the best work by undergraduate, graduate, and post-professional architecture students from the fall 2022 and winter 2023 semesters.

The Willeke Prize, judged by the Taubman College Alumni Council, recognizes design excellence and innovation through an annual portfolio competition.

Student Show UG1, UG2, and UG3


Catherine Griffiths, Taubman College
Ibiayo Briggs, M.Arch 2019, Ph.D. student, Princeton University School of Architecture


Qingyang Xie, “[Hydro] Commons” (UG2, Halquist)
Emmalyn Kukura, “Potter’s House” (UG1, Roddier)
Ann Borek, “The Sandwich Factory” (UG3, Abuseir)

Student Show Form, Situation, and Institutions


Thom Moran, Taubman College
Max Obata, M.Arch 2014, Principal, Obata Noblin


Axel Olson, “Embassy of the Bright Shadow” (Institutions, Pallares)
Sophie Pacelko, “Fibershed” (Situation, Miller)
Yeuchen (Stella) Zhang, “Pathways” (Form, Wulfman)

Student Show Propositions, Systems, MUD, and MS_DMT


Irene Hwang, Taubman College
Susannah Cramer-Greenbaum, M.Arch 2011, University of Warwick


Zoe Kuo, “The Amphibious Cell” (Propositions, Arquero, Wigger)
Brian Smith, “Blood Memory & Black Bliss Primitive” (Propositions, Adams)
Collin Garnett, Pilar O’Hara, Katie Shipman, “Level Up: A Post-Industrial Landscape Playscape” (Systems: Abrons + Miller)

Willeke Prize Undergraduate Winners

1st place – Yicong Shan
2nd place – Yiran Liu

Willeke Prize Graduate Winners

1st place – Tejas Saiyya
1st place – Kejie Wang
2nd place – Gabriel E. Maisonet-Santiago