Published: 05/25/2024

Project Term: 2014-2018

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Gaopeng International Law Cultural Exchange Center

The use of a courtyard typology for the design and organization of the facility aims to provide direct connections to the natural beauty of the site and views from every room. Located in the foothills of the Yellow Mountains, the form is pinched between two steep hillsides, thereby generating two courtyards. The two courtyards possess different characters. The larger, more open courtyard provides seating space for the restaurant and bar, organized around a koi pond while the smaller courtyard is more private and with a strong connection to the guest rooms. 

The architectural materials specified for the project bring a contemporary interpretation to the longstanding regional tradition of lime plaster walls and slate roof construction. The landscaping on the site re-establishes native flora paired with a community garden to serve the kitchen.

Principal in Charge: Craig Borum

Design Professionals: Caileigh MacKellar, Dinghao Zhou, Shuqi He, Andrew Wolking, John Monnat

Landscape Design: Maggie Shao


Craig Borum

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Gaopeng International Law Cultural Exchange Center, Huangshan, China