Published: 01/01/2019

Project Term: 2019

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Oakridge Dental Center

Oakridge Dental Center creates a unique and calming spatial experience for its patients and staff. Situated to preserve the large majority of a 2-acre wooded site, the stand-alone dental office encourages a spa-like experience even within its constrained project budget, and in proximity to a traffic circle. Skylights and thoughtfully placed window openings in several sizes produce a rhythmic compositional effect while ensuring all staff have access to natural light. From the exterior, a restrained material palette creates striking contrast between the building and its surrounding landscape. Norman-sized face brick with a soft-white, mineral paint finish gives the building a muted presence whereas the interior character surrenders to materiality and color. Design makes strategic use of support spaces to preserve generous qualities in publicly experienced areas. Moving around the core, one experiences portals of daylight from the perimeter, a choreographed series of framed interactions: with tree limbs, circling birds, a grassy berm, passing clouds — with not a hint of the nearby cars.

Christian Unverzagt, Thomas Affeldt, Kerry Conway, Genevieve Doman

MEP Engineering: MA Engineering
Structural Engineer: Artisan Engineering

General Contractor: Sorensen Gross Construction Services


Christian Unverzagt

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Completed exterior project photographs by Jeffrey Kilmer. Interior project photographs by Nev Muftari.