Render of architecture building section view angle C

Published: 2023

/ Student Work

A New Urban Paradigm

“A New Urban Paradigm” aims to implement the overall story embedded within the built environment of the preceding group project founded in the re-densification of a single-family housing plot. This deployed a challenge not only to the paradigm and issues related to today’s low-income public housing but an urban typology of the “Tower and Park.”

The project focuses on translating within an urban context, a design of a plinth becoming a building form utilized by the community to engage within a larger community. The Plinth Becomes this form of an activated ground plain in which community can engage above and below the ground level.

The utilization of these abstract representations of ground plains creates, indicates, and differentiates the space underneath the plinth. In hopes of translating architectural form into the overall shift in community engagement and interaction of low-income public housing paradigms of the “Tower and park”, to a developing Plinth and Village approach. As well as cementing these accessible landscapes for a multiplicity of constituents within the low-income barriers and surrounding environments. Shifting from disassociated isolation to potential futures of green utopian hubs within a contrasting urban environment.


David Vega


Adam Fure, Jacob Comerci, and Leah Wulfman