areal view of architecture plan with labels

Published: 2023

/ Student Work

Ad Hoc

Ad Hoc, referring to that which is necessary or needed, is located in North Jefferson Chalmers in Detroit. This proposal addresses high vacancy, low internet access, and low census response rates in the neighborhood with a range of housing typologies: Co-Housing, Multi-Family, Social Condenser, and Subsistence Commercial. Along with these housing models are a series of communal spaces which harness education and the act of making an essential ethos to this community: Communal Greenhouse, interior and exterior Makerspaces, and a Local Market area. Flooding is also rampant in Detroit, particularly near the waterfront, where Ad Hoc is situated. To mitigate these effects, a network of constructed wetlands permeate through the site, while a series of elevated (and accessible) walkways are still operable in the case of an extreme flood.



Eduardo Villamor, Emma Powers, and Jirayut Puribhat


Craig Borum and Claudia Wigger