Isometric building plan Floor one, two and three

Published: 2023

/ Student Work

Armenian Embassy

The Armenian Embassy, located in Reykjavík, Iceland, takes on the challenge of designing an embassy for a country that is disproportionately affected by climate change in a physical environment drastically different from its own.

Embedded into a mountainside to combat Iceland’s extreme weather conditions, the narrow hallways and skylights ensure an opportunity for natural lighting. Each of the three floors varies in levels of “utilized transparency” based on programming needs; the first floor, “transparency,” is open for public use, the second floor, “translucency,” is semi-open for the staff’s open work areas, and the third floor, “opaqueness,” consists of private spaces. The sustainable rammed earth material blends into the mountainside, blurring the lines between what is mountain and what is building.

Inspired by the cultural significance of traditional Armenian folk music, a simplified façade system was created based on a piece of music written by a well-known Armenian composer, Komitas. The façade consists of a series of guitar strings tuned to the specific note in which it is sung and spaced apart based on the specific rhythm of the notes. This allows visitors to interact with Armenian culture as they may strum the guitar strings and play the song as they walk along the exterior pathways of the building, overlooking the view of Reykjavík.


Zoe Dubil


Christian Unverzagt