Areal view of architecture project

Published: 2023

/ Student Work

Candy Aggregate Sensorium

This Candy Aggregate Sensorium acts as both a visitor center and an interactive, hands-on museum for Levy Aggregates Company, which supplies aggregates for concrete production. The Sensorium encourages active participation and learning as guests mimic the crushing process of rocks into aggregates by using edible rock candies instead. Participants conduct a series of activities using movement such as jumping, rolling, climbing, reaching, and turning. These actions crush, collect, dry, and grind their large rock candies into small, bite-size rock candies. Ultimately, participants end with rock candies similar in size to the actual rock aggregates piled outside and adjacent to the Sensorium.

The physical artifact touches upon the duality of this hands-on museum next to an aggregate site. The colorful, rock candy grinding system is placed on the site and broken apart, revealing paralleling yet intersecting aspects of this process. They eventually intertwine and become part of each other. This model is meant to highlight both the playful and realistic edge of concrete consumption.


Kristy Evans


Stratton Coffman