Published: 2012

/ Student Work

Ever Green: An Enduring System of Parks and Greenways in Detroit


The City of Detroit cannot support the parks system that existed when the city had many more residents and businesses. Meanwhile, a greenways coalition has been planning and implementing the creation of greenways, with foundation support, but not necessarily in connection to parks enhancement and maintenance. Parks and greenways are vital for improving Detroit residents’ quality of life. Current administration of parks and greenways is fragmented and short of funds, but city, county, and state governments all face severe budget problems that mean they cannot reallocate funding to parks and greenways. This plan offers governance and institutional design alternatives that could help support a better parks and greenways system.


Dennis, Gilman, Ma, Peterson, Schleck, Simon, Vos


Dewar, Levy


  • Community Partner: Dept General Services, Michigan Trails and Greenways, and others
  • Location: Detroit
  • Pages: 156
  • Year: 2012
  • Topic: Environment + Land Use, Capacity Building

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