Published: 2016

/ Student Work

Marina District Riverfront Access


Detroit’s Marina District covers nearly 1200 acres along the Detroit River five miles east of downtown. The district’s unique mix of land uses — including commercial, residential, industrial, and recreational — give it a distinct character, yet presents several challenges. Thousands of vehicles traverse the district daily along East Jefferson Avenue while historic assets such as the Conner Creek Power Plant and the river itself remain hidden. Local residents and business leaders, along with the nonprofit economic development umbrella group Jefferson East Inc. (JEI), seek a more cohesive identity for the district, as well as increased connectivity to/from the district.


Jenya Abramovich, Jacqueline Austin, Alison Carey, Yuexuan Hu, Kaleah Mabin, Lesley Rivera, Dan Sommerville, Yuxiao Xu, Yiting Yao, Baihe Yang


Eric Dueweke, Wendy Rampson


Community Partners: Jefferson East, Inc. (JEI)
Location: Detroit’s Marina District
Pages: 108