Published: 2012

/ Student Work

Foundations for Community Climate Action


Global climate change threatens to disrupt the function and livability of our cities. Although Detroit, Michigan, will not face the drastic effects of rising sea levels, the city is projected to experience higher temperatures, more frequent and intense precipitation events, and fluctuating lake levels. All of these effects will place further strain on the City of Detroit’s ability to provide services and keep it’s most vulnerable residents safe. With this in mind, the Detroit Climate Action Coalition (DCAC) has partnered with the University of Michigan in order to assess how Detroit can lower it’s current impact on the environment to mitigate efforts and prepare itself for the effects of climate change through adaptation. While not a comprehensive document, this report from the University of Michigan intends to positively contribute to the DCAC’s planning process.


Kelly Gregg, Peter McGrath, Sarah Nowaczyk, Andrew Perry, Karen Spangler, Taylor Traub, and Ben VanGessel


Larissa Larsen and Eric Dueweke


Community Partner: Detroit Climate Action Collaborative
Location: Detroit
Year: 2012
Topic: Environmental Planning

Download the report (PDF)