cafe section of architecture render

Published: 2023

/ Student Work


The creek, as an audio source, is this building’s primary source of wellness. The constant white noise of meandering water is one that aids its listener in focus, whether it is on a task at hand or on the noise itself. Capturing, projecting, and emphasizing the audio of moving water is the premise behind this building. The building’s placement and form capture the sound produced by the nearby creek. Then, the interior of the building is full of specialized areas that utilize different methods, sizes, and locations of flowing water in order to manipulate water and audio. With this, the sound of the creek is present in any area inside or outside of the building, and the intensity of it varies with different rooms and their intended actions. Here, one is always able to hear the constant, relaxing creek nearby and have it accompany them with their tasks.



Eden Boes


Neal Robinson