Photograph of architecture building

Published: 2023

/ Student Work

Meditative Walks

This is a wellness center that promotes walking meditation, which is a practice that reduces stress and anxiety by walking around the space and making multiple loops. Through the center, visitors are immersed into a meditative state without even noticing by being surrounded by particular flowers. The main feature of this center is a path, an exhibition of flowers that are placed in such order to reduce anxiety, calm the body, reduce the heart rate, and by the end of the path, it brings you life satisfaction. Between the first calming stage and the last stage of happiness, there is a transitional space – waterfall room which purpose is to remove all the scents that were inhaled before and prepare you for the next stage. While the path is a warm and humid greenhouse, a perfect space where flowers can grow, the spaces that are surrounded by the path will be built out of concrete which, in contrast, cools you down.


Luba Mikhadziuk


Landon Carpenter