Top down view of drawn person sitting in building

Published: 2023

/ Student Work

The Effects of Holding your Breath

This project is a continuation of a collaborative effort to design a facility for collective dwellings. For this project, my peers and I created a plan for a community that caters to youth affected by homelessness. This community would provide dwelling spaces along with spaces for education, world preparedness, recreation, therapy/counseling, and a chance to gather and be mentored by people in similar situations. To continue the collaborative project, I designed a few of the courtyard spaces around the site that I felt were central to the design. These courtyards are meant to serve as forms of relief that separate the inhabitants from the more “series” or tense parts of the interior spaces. I focused on the Entry courtyard, therapy courtyard, and dining courtyard.


Kamaiya Johnson


Adam Fure, Jacob Comerci, and Leah Wulfman