Complete render of abstract architecture buildings

Published: 2023

/ Student Work

Sandwiched: A Sketch for Collective Living Across Generations

With the intent to create community around a shared set of experiences, Sandwiched looks to harness opportunities for the exchange of caregiving and resources for members of the “sandwich generation,” those simultaneously caring for both aging parents and growing children. Represented through a layered isometric, Sandwiched focuses on the configuration of the buildings and the space between them to provide for collective living. Varying levels of separation between dwellings allow for flexible levels of independence for intergenerational families and strive to accommodate aging in all of its forms. Dwelling pairs are broken or cracked open to create voids, which function as common spaces connected with a faceted sloping landscape, tying the buildings and their inhabitants to each other and the surrounding neighborhood.


Orli Schwartz


Adam Fure, Jacob Comerci, and Leah Wulfman