Exterior view of architecture model

Published: 2023

/ Student Work

Tulip Poplar House

The house grounds its two residents both spatially and temporally by engaging them with a central Tulip Poplar through views, light, and program. Views of the Tulip Poplar are framed so that its specific aesthetic and formal qualities are highlighted in order to both invite and challenge the residents to see it in new ways. The Tulip Poplar serves as a programmatic heart: providing both space for gathering/eating/cooking together while also producing visual privacy for the private spaces on higher floors. The tree receives full southern light, which provides gentle and dynamic shadows within the courtyard and communal spaces: bringing the tree into the house during all times of the year. This intimate relationship between The Tulip poplar, the two residents, and the ecosystem fosters an enhanced sense of place and an awareness of the minute changes in the living environment throughout the seasons.


Craig Hudson


Torri Smith