Master of Urban Design


/ Architecture Student

Cameron Blakely


Degree Program(s)

Graduation Date
May 2024

Why did you choose the M.U.D. program at Taubman College?
The opportunities and resources that are here it seems like there is an incredible number of faculty with just like amazing backgrounds and work experience. Really find a lot of value in learning from the world around me and in addition to learning in a classroom setting, and I feel like Taubman really allows that sort of balance where I’m I’m challenged in the classroom, but I can also go out and do my own learning and my own personal growth in other ways. So that was something that I really valued.

Describe your experience with the faculty and fellow students
So, fellow students, remarkable, I love being able to rub shoulders with people that have such different backgrounds and life experiences. It’s not like this cutthroat competitive environment it’s really collaborative and focused on kind of iteration and working through problems together, which I really value.

What advice do you have for someone who is considering applying?
You know, I’m not coming straight from my undergrad. I was working for several years, so transitioning back to school has been an enormous challenge, but it’s been really so fulfilling and being pushed to think more critically and to think in different ways has been really rewarding.