Bachelor of Science in Urban Technology


/ Urban Technology Student

Devin Vowels

Hometown / Home Country
Atlanta, Georgia

Current City / Current Country
Rochester Hills, Michigan

Why did you choose Taubman College’s new program in Urban Technology?
It’s untraditional. When applying to schools, I knew I was interested in many different areas of study. More specifically, I knew I wanted to figure out how I could connect multiple disciplines to solve social issues. So, this program fell right in line with what I wanted my academic experience to look like. I also like the idea of being a part of something new! I like the idea of working with people who want to create legacies and pave paths.

What excites you about urban technology as a field?
It’s a different way of looking at space. Cities aren’t just bricks and concrete. There’s a non-physical element to them (an experiential aspect), and I think it’s cool that urban technology looks at cities from that perspective. Space is a huge common denominator between people. We all need a place to live, work, explore, and relax. And our experiences doing that all look different. I’m excited to explore how urban technology can help cities become more inclusive of the different ways people choose to use space.

What is your favorite city and why?
I’d have to say Toronto, Canada. If I could describe the city to anyone, I’d say it’s similar to New York City but a few notches down (in terms of chaos), which is one of the reasons Toronto is my favorite. I also love the city because of its diversity – racially, ethnically, nationally, etc. As someone who’s lived in one type of environment my entire life, I love exploring more diverse spaces.

The new Urban Technology program is unique, with first-year students beginning classes in January. How are you spending your time this fall?
I’ve spent most of my time working. I’m a Fulfillment Expert at Target, so, essentially, I shop for guests who submit orders through the Target app. I’ve also done some traveling – I went to Oregon and Georgia for a couple of weeks. I want to pick up a new hobby or two, so I plan on exploring the world of photography or graphic design. Other than that, I’ve just been trying to relax and reset before starting the school year!

What are you most looking forward to at Michigan?
The chicken tenders! I heard the Michigan dining halls have some of the best chicken tenders around. Besides the chicken, I’m excited to meet people and be a part of the campus culture. What a cliche answer, but having a brother that went to Michigan and seeing his experience has excited me to start a new chapter in my life and build strong relationships with people like he did.