Wesley Mcgee to join Taubman College as Architecture Lecturer

Wesley Mcgee will join the college in September as a lecturer in the Architecture Program. He was formerly an instructor in architecture as well as coordinator of the Digital Lab in the Department of Architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. He taught a course on digital manufacturing technologies in architecture, focusing specifically on multi-axis robotically-controlled equipment. The research was funded by the International Masonry Institute, and involved carving marble with abrasive water jet cutting. Mcgee earned his bachelor’s of science in mechanical engineering and his master’s in industrial design from the Georgia Institute of Technology. His graduate research focused primarily on 5 axis router technologies and processes in furniture design. His work was featured in the Furniture Society of America’s publication Convergence(2005) and exhibited in the Museum of Design Atlanta. He has also worked in the concrete casting industry, researching and designing molds and casting techniques for low volume production.