The 2011 Architecture Student Show and Awards presented to more than 20 Undergraduate and Graduate students

The 2011 Architecture Student Show, themed, “Fresh,” was held March 20-27, 2011, in the CMYK Gallery with the awards ceremony at 4:30 p.m. on March 25, 2011. Program Chair John McMorrough welcomed current and prospective students, honoring those receiving awards. Taubman College Alumni Society Board of Governors judged student work, as did AIA Huron Valley, that week. The awards ceremony was part of the college’s Preview Weekend activities.

AIA Huron Valley Honor Awards

Presented by Paul Dannels, M.Arch ’87, BS ’85.  Structural Design. Besides Dannels, jurors included Tamara Burns, B.S.’83; Aaron Vermeulen, M.Arch.’00; Linc Poley; Betsy Baird, M.Arch.’85.

Awards presented to:

  • Vittorio Lovato UG1
    Studio: Sean Vance
  • Stephanie Choate /Jon Swendris UG3
    Studio: Jesse LeCavalier
  • Branden Clements
    Graduate Thresholds studio / Malcolm McCullough

Alumni Society Board of Governors Awards

Undergraduate awards presented by Joseph Valerio FAIA, B.Arch.’70, Principal, Valerio Dewalt Train, Chicago . Jurors included Valerio, Craig Hamilton, Daimian Hines, and Mireille Roddier.

Awards presented to:

Undergraduate UG1

  • Honorable Mention: Alex Blugerman
    Studio: Joel Schmidt
  • Honorable Mention: Jacob Wimmer
    Studio: Tony Patterson
  • First place: Andrew Frame
    Studio: Anya Sirota

Undergraduate UG3

  • Honorable Mention: Kevin Swanson
    Studio: Thom Moran
  • First place: Ashley TerHorst
    Studio: Rosalyne Shieh

Graduate Awards

Graduate awards presented by A. James Simeo, AIA, LEED AP, NCARB, B.S.’83, Principal, CO Architects, Los Angeles. Jurors included Simeo, Randall Ott, Windom Kimsey and Josh Bard.

Awards presented to:

Threshold Studio

  • Honoree: Tarlton Long
    Studio: Malcolm McCullough
  • Honoree: Dora Chan
    Studio: Kathy Velikov

Comprehensive Studio

  • Honorees: Anthony Hrusovsky, Beatrice Lau, Will Liow, Amy Rydleski
    Studio: Neal Robinson
  • Honorees: Parke MacDowell, Amy McNamara, Sarah Petri
    Studio: Geoff Thun


  • Honoree: Joseph Filippelli
    Studio: Maria Arquero
  • Honoree: Chris Bennett
    Studio: Borum

Willeke Portfolio Awards

Willeke Portfolio Awards presented by Marc L’Italien, FAIA, B.S.’84, Principal, Esherick Homsey Dodge & Davis, San Francisco. Jurors included L’Italien, Tom Sherry, Janet Attarian and Sean Vance.

Willeke Portfolio Award Winners

  • 1st Place – Lauren Jones UG4 in Nahyun Hwang’s Studio, $12,000
  • 2nd Place – Ian Sinclair UG4 in Steven Mankouche’s Studio, $5,000

Honorable Mention to:

  • Angela Schmidt UG4 in Rosalyne Shieh’s Studio
  • Jon Swendris UG4 in Thom Moran’s Studio
  • Joyce Tseng UG4 in Irene Hwang’s Studio
  • Andrew Frame UG2 in Tony Patterson’s Studio
  • Patrick Ethen UG4 in Nahyun Hwang’s studio

See the Presentation (PDF 1.4MB)