Public Design Corps Offers Summer Lecture Series

The University of Michigan Public Design Corps (UM-PDC) is a research program and for-credit course offering students the opportunity to apply their skills in planning, design and spatial intelligence to projects guided by principles of equity and inclusion. The effort seeks to broaden design and planning’s positive social impact, strengthen the role of public engagement in socially-driven practice, and assist U–M’s network of community partners in advancing their public missions.  The UM-PDC is a space to capture many of the diverse but interrelated intellectual contributions of Taubman College’s faculty, alumni and students in the fields of public interest design.

U-M PDC has arranged a seven-part public lecture series featuring Taubman College faculty speaking on a term ubiquitous in the field of Public Interest Design. These terms, such as participation, place, or access are employed repeatedly, but rarely interrogated. Through a semantic framework, this series provides a venue to form a collective understanding of each term, and inch closer to a definition of Public Interest Design writ large.

Place (Making/Keeping/Knowing) + Temporality
7/7 @ Noon EDT – Mireille Roddier
Passcode: 307787

7/14 @ Noon EDT – Harley Etienne
Passcode: 112558

7/21 @ Noon EDT – Jose Sanchez
Passcode: 845097

7/28 @ Noon EDT – Thom Moran & Meredith Miller
Passcode: 742111

Access (pt. 1)
8/10 @ Noon EDT – Julia McMorrough
Passcode: 623790

Access (pt. 2)
8/11 @ Noon EDT – Joe Grengs
Passcode: 737104

Commons & Governance
8/18 @ Noon EDT – Gina Reichert & Jean Louis Farges
Passcode: 410677