Help Taubman College Build Tomorrow: Amy Wang's Story

As she completes her final semester this spring, Amy Wang, B.S. ’22, has been reflecting on the first time she set foot in Taubman College, when she was deciding between pursuing architecture or civil engineering. “That introduction to the people and the studio atmosphere was the first time I had ever experienced what an architecture school was like. It made me less afraid to take that next big step in my life, and it made me really excited to learn in a space full of people who were passionate about the things I was passionate about.”

Amy has taken advantage of the opportunities available through her program and the wider University of Michigan, including declaring a minor in Asian studies and traveling to Washington, D.C., with her Wallenberg Studio cohort this winter. “My time at Taubman made me realize there’s more to the built world than just how things appear. There’s always a history behind everything we build and people who are connected to everything that makes up the built environment.”

As the recipient of the Hartwick Family Architecture Scholarship, Amy has connected with her donors, the Hartwick and Ham families, on numerous occasions. “Receiving this scholarship has made more of an impact on me than just the financial aid. I keep in regular contact with them, and they’ve expressed so much support, including sending care packages and meeting up for coffee here in Ann Arbor. I so appreciate their generous contribution and support of my academic pursuits. They inspire me to make a positive impact with my community and go after my goals of making a change in the world through architecture.”

A gift to Taubman College supports the next generation of leaders in architecture and planning — including Amy.