Architecture model of project

Published: 2023

/ Student Work

Concrete Obstacle Course Visitor’s Center

The Concrete Obstacle Course Visitor’s Center is located at the inactive Sibley Quarry in Fenton, Michigan. This center is a physically intense spatial experience that allows visitors to learn about the process of making cement for concrete. While standing on the quarry’s viewing platform and inside it, the feeling of intrigue, exploration, and even danger can be felt. The visitor center will also have a place to be a viewer; from that point of view, visitors may notice the correlation between the obstacle course movements and the cement production process displayed in the welcome lobby and obstacle rules. The slope-like spaces above and on the ground level are ten obstacles that show the process of making cement; quarry, crusher, mixing bay, raw mill, preheater, rotary kiln, clinker, silos, bagging, and dispatch. The level below includes offices, a welcome center, a suit-up room, bathrooms, a cafe, and a cliff viewing platform.


Kenda Blanks


Meredith Miller