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Published: 2023

/ Student Work

[Frenemies] Migrant Respite Centre

Today, in a time of armed conflicts between major powers, shifting balances, rapid globalization, rising nationalisms, and socioeconomic stress, what can we learn from the invention and emergence of the embassy building as an institution? Venezuela was once the richest nation in Latin America, but due to socioeconomic and political crises, the nation has experienced hyperinflation, rising famine, and mass emigration of Venezuelans to other nations. Due to Venezuela’s political system collapsing, relations between the US and Venezuela have become tense.

The objective of this project is to restore those broken relationships in the Venezuelan embassy compound, where the US and Venezuela both function as hosts and guests in different ways. It offers a community space for Venezuelans who have recently returned, embassy visitors, and diplomats, as well as job opportunities for Venezuelans to boost the nation’s economy. This project celebrates the Venezuelan culture in the embassy compound in a strategic and secure manner to preserve the integrity of a diplomatic facility.


Prakriti Vasudeva


Gina Reichert