interior image of gardening wall and planter 1

Published: 2023

/ Student Work

Growing Roots

The trellis is an armature for directing the growth of plant life. Growing Roots adapts the trellis as a support system for various communal and ceremonial events in which people, food, and plants come together. The trellis forms enclosed pockets of determined activity amid an open field. Movable furniture allows visitors to reformat the open field as they wish. Open spaces should offer their users the opportunity to adapt and customize to their wants yet provide them with the spaces that carry out the more programmatically structured needs and functions. Both weddings and potlucks are events that require the hosts to play a role in selecting their preferred aesthetics, and through the design of my hall, it gives the agency to the users to “architect” the event space. The community users complete the space by utilizing the gardens, growing produce, storing them, cooking with them, and eating together. The wedding users fund the free community spaces while also utilizing a space that fosters community to ceremoniously bring together two families. This project allows all communities to gather and connect back to their roots and their identity and how it presents itself through food and ceremony.


Meghana Tummala


Stratton Coffman