Abstract lines and shapes render

Published: 2023

/ Student Work

New Deities are Here

Since the Industrial Revolution, technological and scientific innovation has allowed humans to catch glimpses of the very large objects that intersect and shape our reality. These objects, ushered in by human action, have become new gods, acting globally to dictate the human experience. The very large array site, a radio astronomy observatory in New Mexico, is transformed into a shifting, non-local embassy between the past and the present and people and hyper objects. Gathered and condensed into data by 28 rogue diplomats, the site is delivered to the astronomer Copernicus through a series of staging sites. This information ties a thread between Copernicus’s discovery of the solar system and the observation of hyper objects at the Very Large Array. Copernicus is allowed to glimpse the future that his discovery is ushering in.


Caroline Stahl


Perry Kulper