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Urban Technology FAQ

Who is eligible for the Urban Technology program?
The Urban Technology program is primarily intended for recent high school graduates who will be first-year students at the University of Michigan. Current U-M undergraduates may apply for a cross-campus transfer beginning in Fall 2023 (more information available here.) Transfers from other colleges and universities are not eligible at this time.

What does a fall application with winter semester start mean?
You will submit a fall admission application (due by February 1), and if you are admitted to the program, you will start classes at U-M at the beginning of winter semester the following January. This nontraditional start will prepare you for immersive, off-campus experiences in global centers of urban technology the following semester. (And, thanks to our schedule, you can still graduate with friends who begin in fall term!)

What can I do during my fall semester?
Once admitted to the Urban Technology degree program, we recommend that you use your gap semester to pursue a job, internship, travel, volunteer experience, or other opportunities before classes begin. Also, we offer regular online events to our admitted students in September – December to help you get to know Taubman College and build a community before you arrive in Ann Arbor. You are not allowed to take credit-bearing classes elsewhere during the fall semester prior to your first winter term at U-M. Doing so would make you a transfer student and therefore ineligible for this program.

When will I graduate as a winter start student?
It will depend on how you pursue your coursework while enrolled in the program. Upon successful completion of winter and spring terms, you will join your fellow U-M bachelor’s degree peers the next fall with an option to graduate in the typical four-year period.

Is it possible to enroll with my classmates who will begin in August?
No. This program is for a winter semester (January) start only.

Where will I live on campus as a student?
First-year students will be a part of a community of nearly 6,600 first-year Wolverines living in residence halls. While students may request a specific building, placement depends upon availability.

Can I live on campus during the Fall prior to my first Winter semester?
Since you will not be enrolled as a student at U-M until winter semester, you are not eligible to live on campus in the fall.

Am I eligible to receive need-based financial aid?
Yes, if you have filed the FAFSA and the CSS Profile. Learn more here.

How does financial aid work?
Students admitted for winter semester will receive a two-semester aid package (sent as two separate communications) that will include the winter term and the spring term. The spring term only includes six required college credits so you are considered a part-time student for that term. You can enroll in six credits for summer, so those summer credits paired with the six credits in the spring term would make you a full-time student for financial aid purposes. A limited number of scholarships may be offered to some incoming students on the basis of merit using the application for admission.

What are the dates for winter term, the Cities Intensive held during spring half term, etc?
Specific start/end dates for each semester are available on the Registrar’s Office website. Your first semester at U-M will be winter term (January – April). The Cities Intensive, during which you will travel outside of Ann Arbor to centers of urban innovation, will be spring half term (May – June). After a short break, your next classes will begin in fall term (August – December), and you will remain on the traditional academic calendar for the remainder of the degree program.

Will I be at any disadvantage when registering for spring courses?
Absolutely not. The spring term courses will be held for the Urban Technology students and they will be guaranteed enrollment.

As an Urban Technology student, can I earn a minor?
Yes! In fact, you will be required to complete a minor in a related area that will help you build intellectual breadth and expose you to an adjacent field of study.

Will I be able to join a fraternity or sorority during my first semester on campus?
Not during your first semester. For more information, explore the Fraternity and Sorority Life webpage.

What internship opportunities exist in Urban Technology?
Our Career and Professional Development team has a great network and we will work with you individually to identify opportunities of greatest interest. Program Director Bryan Boyer is also personally working on building bridges for the urban technology students and will be involved in finding internship opportunities for you and your classmates.

What are the networking opportunities in Urban Technology?
In the Urban Technology program, you will have classes with full-time professors as well as professors of practice and visiting professors who come from industry. And you will have regular guest speakers in class. This means your networking will start right in the classroom. Additionally, UM as a whole has lots of networking events with alumni and a global network of alums, so there will be plenty of opportunities to network with people from the built environment (architecture and urban planning) as well as other disciplines. This is essential. You want to network with your future peers but also your future clients and collaborators—the people who will hire you.

What about looking beyond a bachelor’s degree?
Our program in Urban Technology is a foundation that prepares you to tackle the challenges of the 21st century. After this degree, some may choose to go on to master’s programs in architecture or urban planning, interaction design, or MBA – but the possibilities are endless. You can apply the knowledge from this program to any field. The degree is designed to be a platform for whatever you do next, so it will enable some people to join the workforce directly after college and for others, it will give them a good base from which to continue their studies in a specialized field.

Should I visit campus before I enroll in January?
Yes! Taubman College is offering in-person visits monthly, along with virtual visits (schedule yours!). We also encourage you to check the status of U-M campus tour offerings and explore the virtual opportunities to learn about U-M.

Should I attend summer orientation?
No. Students admitted to the Urban Technology degree program will attend the U-M orientation for winter admits offered in December or early January. A second orientation to Taubman College will also be offered (likely in December).

Who should I contact if I have more questions about the Urban Technology degree program?
Please email the Admissions team at taubmancollegeadmissions@umich.edu.

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