Environmental Design Research Association 40: Presentations by Design Studies Faculty, Students, Alumni, and UM Reunion

Several current faculty, PhD students and alumni from the design studies area of doctoral studies in architecture will be participating at the upcoming EDRA (Environmental Design Research Association) meeting in Kansas City on May 27-31, 2009.

Participants include:

  • Fusun Erkul (student), “A Cross Cultural Analysis of New Urbanist Community Model” (paper)
  • Tara Flaningham Dell (student), “Educational Environments: The Life of the Lab: Creating Collaborative Workspaces for Scientists” (poster)
  • Ipek Kaynar (student), “Museum Gallery Morphology and Overcoming Orientation Problems: An Inquiry on the YCBA, the MoMA New Extension (NY), and the HMA” (poster)
  • Robert Marans (professor emeritus), “Urban Neighborhoods: The Potential for Research on Signs in Downtowns and Mixed Use Districts” (paper)
  • Laura Smith (student), “Sustainable Design: Exploring the Potential of Green Buildings as Environmental Educators” (paper)
  • Laura Smith (student) and Jean Wineman (professor), “Sustainability in the Architecture Building: A Case-Study of Environmentally Responsible Attitudes and Behaviors at the University of Michigan” (paper)
  • Dina Battisto (UM 04), et al., “Research Experiment to Study how Nature Images Impact Physiological and Psychological Responses when a Person is Subject to Pain” (paper)
  • Joongsub Kim (UM 01), “The Role of Agriculture in Design and Planning: Literature Review and Case Study in Detroit” (paper)
  • Brian Schermer (UM 02), et al., Forget the Gap, Let’s Visit the Other Side Symposium (symposium)
  • Nancy Wells (UM 99), et al., Designing to Bring out the Best in People: Examining Particular Contexts Symposium Part One (symposium)

The design studies area will also be holding a University of Michigan Reunion at the EDRA 40 Meeting, on Friday, 29 May, 6:00-8:00pm in the Hyatt Regency Crown Center Hotel (Milano, 2450 Grand, First level), Kansas City, MO. All alumni and friends are invited to attend, as well as students interested in learning more about the Doctoral Studies in Architecture at U-M. For further information, please contact PhD candidates Diaan van der Westhuizen ( or Kush Patel (