Architecture doctoral student news

Architecture doctoral student news

Anahita Khodadadi becomes member of the Structural Morphology Working Group of IASS

Ph.D. student Anahita Khodadadi, a member of the International Association of Shells and Spatial Structures since 2011, was made a member of the IASS’ Structural Morphology Working Group, with the goal of innovating building structures through research on form, material, and fabrication. Now part of the SMG group, Khodadadi will organize with its members, researchers and scholars the world over, and present the results of their research to the IASS every three years. More information on the organization can be found by visiting the IASS website.

Niloufar Emami wins award in DIVA Day Student Competition

Ph. D student Niloufar Emami recently won the runner up award in the first DIVA Day Student Competition, held in Seattle. Emami’s entry, “Interrelation of geometry, daylighting, and structure in a perforated screen wall”, was presented and displayed at DIVA day 2014. The event, held on October 2nd, rewarded participants for creative use of the DIVA-for-Rhino daylighting and energy modeling plugin in a series of environmental performance evaluations of individual buildings and urban landscapes. More information about the competition can be found on the DIVA Day website.