Newell Speaks at Mean Detail Symposium at OSU

Newell Speaking at Mean Detail Symposium at OSU

Catie Newell, Assistant Professor of Architecture and the Director of the Master of Science in Material Systems and Digital Technologies, is speaking at the Mean Detail Symposium at The Ohio State University Knowlton School of Architecture. Newell, who is also the founding principal of Alibi Studio, will present several of her installations and her ongoing material research in a panel on the first day of the conference which takes place on March 31 – April 1, 2017.

Mean Detail serves as a two-day working session probing recent advances in the development of architectural detail. Drawing attention to current methods of design and construction, the event highlights an array of central tendencies operating across the work of the participants who are a diverse set of architects at the forefront of rethinking how detail operates.

The conference will explore the implications of mean detail through four moderated panels. Participants with formally dissimilar practices are grouped by hidden affinities and, possibly, shared underlying central tendencies. Architectural theorists will help explore these connections, expanding the panel conversations as respondents. Through targeted presentations, discussions and debates, the conference aims to uncover and assess the complex motivations driving current approaches to detail and the provocative consequences for architecture that result.

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