Angle one of architecture model

Published: 2023

/ Student Work

Street Tree Research & Development Manufactory

As humans, we try to control the wild phenomena of nature through the creation of ordered systems– street trees. By installing this ordered nature on our streets, there is a sense of comfort and calm that surrounds a city– a place where the environment seems too developed and manmade. The placement of street trees within urban environments requires a facility that acts as a converging point for the processes contributing to the sourcing, transport, and planting of street trees. Located in Parker Mill County Park, the Street Tree Research & Development Manufactory aims to house these programs within its body– a series of boxes that skew as humans and nature, products and ideas, travel through its central channel. From the west side of the facility, trees are sourced and stored in the first box, paired with soil created in the second, and shipped back out. The largest box on the east side becomes a gathering space for those involved in the creation and exportation of the infrastructure.


Kavya Ramesh


Yojairo Lomeli