Digitial Fabrication Lab Announces New Laser Cutters in Studio Area

The Digital Fabrication Lab will be introducing exciting new capabilities very soon. The lab will be installing two new laser cutters in the west computer lounge on the Art + Architecture Building’s third floor, which houses the architecture/planning studio space. The third floor studio offers 30,000 square feet of continuous workspace and is the largest academic studio in the world. The large, open plan is configured with modular workplaces for each student electing a studio course.

These new laser cutter machines will complement the college’s two existing machines, which are still located above the Art + Architecture wood shop. In order to be granted access to the third floor machines, students must attend a tutorial session where they will learn the safe operating procedures. There is no charge for the use of the lasers, other than providing one’s own materials. The third floor lasers will be available to authorized users virtually 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There will be a weekly sign-up sheet; this process is outlined in the FabLab handbook and will be explained during the tutorials.

In addition there will be two new Dimension ABS 3-D printers installed nearby the lasers on the third floor. These machines will complement the two Zcorp 3-D printers in the Digital Lab on the first floor. The ABS printers produce 3-D parts that are considerably stronger than those of the Zcorp.

For more information, check out the Digital Fab Lab.