Site plan

Published: 2023

/ Student Work

Moving into Seasonality

Looking back to a time before the globalization of food when people consumed and prepared foods according to the season they were best picked in, my project seeks to lean into the seasonality of these natural food processes by highlighting the life cycles behind rhubarb, cucumbers, squash, and cabbage plucked in the spring, summer, fall, and winter respectively. In the same way that food grows responding to their environmental conditions, this architecture strives to be flexible, where walls, volumes, and panels are constantly sliding, pivoting, and expanding to adapt and respond to the specific food processes occurring during each season as well as the external conditions of Chicago, ultimately creating a building that changes with the seasons.

Through this, the building seeks to generate more appreciation for produce in season as well as create a community hub within the urban context of Chicago for visitors to accumulate knowledge on how to prepare, process, and preserve their foods. This project is challenging the norms of mass-produced foods being exported from around the world and striving to bring back old methods of the past where foods were not wasted and cared for because people knew how to survive with the produce and resources available to them within a particular season.


Van Nguyen


Zain AbuSeir