Published: 2017

/ Student Work

Strengthening and Transforming the Lower Eastside


The Lower Eastside Action Plan (LEAP) is a community-driven, award-winning plan to transform vacant land and stabilize neighborhoods in the 15-square-mile area of Detroit’s Lower Eastside. Since the plan’s completion in 2012, neighborhood needs and conditions have changed, and many of the plan’s proposed projects and policies have been implemented. Therefore, the Eastside Community Network is leading an update of the plan. Strengthening and Transforming the Lower Eastside supports this update with proposals to reinforce the Chandler Park neighborhood and to transform vacant land into an asset by building on natural systems of soil types, historic land cover, and the flow of stormwater while considering areas designated for redevelopment.

Students worked with Eastside Community Network and an advisory committee that included residents of the Lower Eastside and representatives from the Center for Community Progress, the Michigan Association of Planning, the Detroit Land Bank Authority, the Detroit Department of Neighborhoods, the Detroit Department of Planning and Development, Community Development Advocates of Detroit, Doing Development Differently in Detroit, and Detroit Future City.


Xuewei Chen, Leah Gerber, Cassie Hackel, Yu-Wei Hsu, Allison Kappeyne van de Coppello, Taylor LaFave, Rosie Pahl Donaldson, Grant Priester, Ziyang Shu, Shien-Min Teo, Roman Yanke


Margaret Dewar and Libby Levy


Community Partner: Eastside Community Network
Location: Detroit
Pages:  149
Year:  2017
Topic:  Housing, Community, and Economic Development; Land Use and Environmental Planning